Property Management

At Bancroft & Associates we understand that when you make the decision to own a rental property, you have made the decision to go into business for yourself. Just as in owning a clothing store, restaurant, etc., there are expenses that go along with the risk to make profit.

The selection of the right company and agent to manage and lease your property can mean a significant difference in the return you receive from the investment you have made.

The goal of the entire staff at Bancroft & Associates, is to provide the maximum marketing effort that will return you the maximum amount of money on the rental of your property. Like any other asset (stocks, CD?s, securities), your real estate will require special management to maximize the benefits to you. To determine your suitability to ownership of rental real estate, we need to evaluate YOUR 3 “T’s” – Time, Training & Temperament!

    * Time: What impact will this asset have on your time? Can you afford the spontaneous reaction to problems posed by rental property ownership?

    * Training: Do you have, or are you willing to acquire the expertise in areas like Statutes, Rules, Legislation and Contracts to allow you to protect yourself from catastrophic errors while managing your asset?

    * Temperament: Can you tolerate vacancy, emergency service calls, poor treatment of the property by a tenant, late rents and the possibility of evictions?

If the answer to any of the above is “NO”, you should consider professional management or consider another type of investment.

What’s involved? There are three principle areas that we focus on: Analysis, Leasing, and Management. Here are some key points that are under each:

* Complete Financial Analysis of your property
* Annual Rent Value Review
* Property Value Analysis (What is my property worth TODAY?)


* Internet Exposure through multiple FREE sites & select Premium Sites
* Thorough Resident Evaluation
* MLS & National Networks
* Team of Managers

* Prompt Rent Collection and disbursement to Owners
* Easy to Read Monthly Reporting
* Quality Maintenance at competitive Prices
* 24hr Emergency Service

Professional Property Management shouldn’t cost…it should pay! Tell us the type of property that you are interested in us evaluating for management.

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