Buying real estate doesn’t have to be complicated.  Probably the single most important thing to remember is that the listing agent represents “THE SELLER” and that if the property you are interested in is listed with a broker, a commission will be paid to a licensed real estate broker for the sale of the property.  So, to make a long story short, have a real estate agent represent YOU, “THE BUYER”.  Someone who has your best interests in mind.  In Arizona, this is called Buyer Brokerage. The professionals at Bancroft & Associates would be happy to assist.

Ok, enough of that!

At the risk of over simplifying the process, here it goes:

Speak to a lender – Too many buyers leave this step to the last minute.  Remember this, the very best properties sell very quickly.  If you’re not prepared to make a solid offer (including a Conditional Loan Approval (CLA), which only a licensed mortgage lender can provide) the likelihood your offer will be accepted is greatly diminished.  The lender will, more importantly, tell you what you can afford so you know in which price range you should be shopping.  This will help your real estate agent zero in on the properties that meet your buying criteria and minimize frustrations.

If you need to find a lender, give us a call and we can help!

Work with a Realtor® – Re-read paragraph one!  We have the tools to find the most ideal property in the shortest amount of time.  We also have working relationships with appraisers, property inspectors, pest treatment providers, lenders, title and escrow professionals, as well as tradesmen should estimates or repairs be needed.  And remember, the seller typically pays our fees in the sale price of the property!

What a coincidence, we are Realtors® at Bancroft & Associates.  Give us a call or email at